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Greening Your Bedroom

Greening Your Bedroom When it comes time to building your new home, look to each room to see how you can add green features and products. This is especially true for the bedroom, where it is important to create a healthy environment while you are sleeping and nourishing your body. There are so many great and simple ways to make your bedroom eco-friendly and healthy. Here are some of the more popular options:
  • Use organic bedding. Most conventional bedding is made with fibers that are either synthetic or cotton harvested and treated with extensive use of chemicals making them unhealthy for you to breathe, especially while you are sleeping. Look for products like bamboo and organic cotton sheets, chemical-free mattresses, eco-friendly bed frames, natural latex mattress toppers and wool pillows and comforters.
  • Use natural or energy-efficient lighting. Lighting is one of the major uses of energy in a home. You can save money and energy by either using natural light (large widows are great for second-floor master suites) or energy-efficient lighting like compact fluorescents or LEDs.
  • Do you have good insulation? Insulating your ceiling and walls will cut your energy bills and make your house more comfortable throughout the year. If you have the extra space – installing a gas fireplace will not only add ambience but also help lower your heating bills.
  • Consider installing ceiling fan. Since ceiling fans circulate both hot and cool air, they save you energy and money, while making your bedroom more comfortable.
  • Make sure your windows are ENERGY STAR® approved. Choosing a window with Low-E coatings acts like sunscreen for your house, blocking damaging ultraviolet rays without noticeably reducing visible light so you can create a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Use non-toxic paints. Make sure you use low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints. They are healthier for you and your family, and they are bright, beautiful and durable as well!
  • Bedroom flooring. Be sure to consider eco-friendly flooring options like bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood.
  • Bedroom furniture. Consider getting used furniture or furniture made from recycled and sustainable materials.

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