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Eco-friendly Carpeting

Eco-friendly Carpeting You don't need to sacrifice the warmth, style or softness of carpet in your new home, thanks to eco-friendly alternatives like recycled carpet. This green carpet option uses a variety of materials, including plastic bottles, nylon, cotton and wool.

Every eco-friendly carpet has its own merits and considerations depending on its content and how it is manufactured, so choosing the right carpet will depend on your specific needs, location, budget and use. Here are some things to consider when shopping for an eco-friendly carpet:

  • Using carpet tiles rather than rolls where it's appropriate will extend the life of your installed floor covering. Tiles make it easier to replace worn spots over the life of your carpet, particularly in high traffic areas like doorways.
  • Buy refurbished carpet whenever possible.
  • The type of fiber (nylon, polyester P.E.T., wool, etc), the recycled content, and the recyclability of the face fiber, backing, and cushion are all important "green" factors.
  • For higher traffic areas, you'll need to look at fiber density and durability.
  • Carpet fiber construction (manufactured by tufting, weaving and fusion bonding) and pile type (loop, cut, or combination) are essential in determining the appearance and performance of your carpet. Tip: Lower pile height and higher pile yarn density is better for high traffic areas and gives the best performance.
  • It's all about preference: some people prefer the appearance and durability of nylon to polyester, while others claim that recycled polyester (PET plastic) is more durable and naturally stain resistant.
  • Wool carpeting is a healthy alternative to standard nylon, olefin or other synthetic carpets that emit VOCs, and aren't as durable. Wool carpets are odorless, renewable, long lasting, fire-resistant, biodegradable and most importantly retain its beautiful patina and is soft to the touch.
  • If you need a carpet cushion or backing be sure it is made with recycled content.
  • Specify carpet with high overall recycled content (in the face fiber and backing), preferably post- consumer. EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) recommends a 25 to 100 % total recovered materials content for polyester and nylon carpet face fiber.
  • Buy carpet that is solution-dyed.
  • Buy carpet that meets CRI Indoor Air Quality standards (Green Label program).
  • Ensure that low VOC adhesives (CRI certified) are used during installation.

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